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Allegheny GoatScape - Multimedia Workshop

Gavin Deming is the brains behind Allegheny Goatscape, a local North Side organization that helps control invasive knotweed and other overgrowth in Pittsburgh with a herd of hungry, frolicking goats.

Watch Point Park University students interview Deming about his eco-friendly landscaping business, as his herd of goats munch away along the waterfront.

Created by Point Park University Students Gracey Evans and Joseph Tischler with guidance from Daily Times Photojournalist Ralph Musthaler. Evans, Tischler and Musthaler participated in the 2017 Multimedia Workshop, hosted by the Point Park University Environmental Journalism Program. During the two-day workshop, students and mentors were paired up and sent out to report on an assigned story topic, with the deadline set to 5:00 the next day.

A big thank you to our mentor, Ralph Musthaler and to Allegheny GoatScape for participating!

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